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Autumn Edition
2020 November 9th 10th 11th
by appointment only

About us

Gioje is Vicenza's Cash&Carry, based on the direct and transparent involvement of buyers and sellers. When you're talking about deals between honest and loyal people, all you need to do is look each other in the eye and a handshake will do. The new Cash&Carry Gioje is inspired by these values, shared by all the companies that collaborated and exhibit with us.
Located just 200 metres from the main entrance to Fiera Vicenza, Gioje is an easy showroom to get to and visit.
In a modern exhibition space measuring 650 square metres, that is welcoming and functional, goldsmith companies present, to buyers and distributors, a vast assortment of silver products.


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We are proud to host companies that represent the excellence of Made in Italy goldsmithing, craftsmen and jewellery production companies with a deep-seated culture of the product. Their proven experience skilfully integrates artisan tradition with contemporary style to offer products, semi-finished work and trendy jewellery, even presenting collections that vaunt the most sophisticated designs.

Nine exhibitors who will participate in Gioje Winter edition 2018, all representatives of quality Made in Italy jewelry

Advantages for exhibitors

Gioje offers goldsmith producers the chance to rent space in temporary exhibitions or permanent showrooms, plus several services to exhibit and sell their own products.


Hostess, technical operators and even a communication agency: exhibitors can focus on their business only. All the other aspects will be managed by our skilled professionals.


Many activities to develop Gioje reputation in the goldsmith sector at a national and international level, positioning our unique visual identity so it stands out.

Why visit

Buyers, distributors, wholesalers, jewellery stores, retailers and professionals from the goldsmith sector are all the focus of Gioje's attention.
Gioje wants Cash&Carry visitors to feel they are part of a dynamic and cutting-edge structure in terms of functional spaces for sales and the management of sales and post-sales services, especially with regards to assistance and the fast delivery of orders

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