Why exhibit

Why exhibit

Gioje is the meeting point for direct sales in Vicenza between goldsmith producers and national and international buyers.

Gioje plays an active role in the selection, aggregation and involvement of partners from the production and distribution chain of the Made in Italy goldsmith sector, with a special focus on small and medium-sized businesses from the districts of Arezzo and Vicenza.

Gioje offers goldsmith producers the chance to rent space in temporary exhibitions or permanent showrooms, to exhibit and sell their own products. Partners have access to the best professionals in the sector to draw as much attention as possible to their activities, at extremely favourable rates compared to other similar spaces.

The exhibiting companies integrate and complete the selection by specialisation and focus; this allows for the creation of real purchase paths that make the visit more efficient and facilitate business opportunities for buyers and distributors.

The consortium-like activity is aimed at promoting the participants' businesses and activating shared strategic marketing initiatives, to promote the selection on national and international markets even during other trade shows and promotional events.

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