Oltreoceano S.r.l.s. Oltreoceano S.r.l.s. is an Import-Export company based in Fiumicino (RM) and principally deals in the importation and resale of hardstones, semi-precious stones, pearls, coral, silver, costume jewellery, amber and turquoise. Our company has been operating since 2001, when it was called Oltreoceano di Conti Roberto. The company's strength lies in the owner's long experience in this field, having begun working in it in 1981 and having collaborated with the first firms to import these goods. Many of the relationships that were established at its outset still exist, both with eastern suppliers and with longstanding importers with whom we have a relationship of reciprocal respect. This guarantees us the best prices on the market and significantly shorter production times compared to many other competitors, given our direct ties with the Asian factories as far as mineral stones are concerned, and with the Torre del Greco craftsmen as far as the production and working of coral is concerned.


Hardstones - Semi-precious stones - Pearls - Coral - Silver - Costume Jewellery - Amber - Turquoise


Oltreoceano S.r.l.s.
Via delle Scuole, 31/B
00054 Fiumicino (RM)
Phone: +39 (0)6 65041705
Email: oltreoceanosrls@gmail.com
Website: www.pietredureroma.it

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