Why visit

Why visit

Buyers, distributors, wholesalers, jewellery stores, retailers and professionals from the goldsmith sector are all the focus of Gioje's attention.

Gioje wants Cash&Carry visitors to feel they are part of a dynamic and cutting-edge structure in terms of functional spaces for sales and the management of sales and post-sales services, especially with regards to assistance and the fast delivery of orders.

Today companies aim to “keep inventory down” and produce based on sales. That's why it's fundamental that they gear production towards proven and evergreen collections that are always in their catalogue, without abandoning the ability to detect purchasing trends in the market in a timely manner and identify the most trendy collections to guarantee buyers and distributors are sure to sell out.

At Gioje buyers find select Italian goldsmith companies, producers of chains and jewellery in silver, gold and gems who set themselves apart with their technical skills and innovation in working with the highest quality materials.

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